Estes 2196 Spaceship One build and mod

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Sep 12, 2013
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SE Wisconsin
I'm finally getting close to flight. This kit doesn't have a good reputation, so we'll see how flights go.

I have pics of earlier stages, but let's start at the finish.

ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1488592623.600648.jpg


Courtesy an Eggfinder Quantum.
ImageUploadedByRocketry Forum1488592673.642060.jpg
Well, drop test completed. Took a little damage and popped a glue joint. Repairable.

But I won't be able to come down feathered alone. I'll have to deploy a chute.
It's to emulate the real Spaceship One. A Quantum throws the servo at apogee.

I had hopes that there would be enough broadside area to descend on that alone. No such luck. So I'll have it pop a chute lower down. Probably long delay, rather than Quantum controlled, but we'll see.

At least it means it won't hit the ground tail first. The booms aren't especially sturdy.
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Ok. An E11 doesn't have enough liftoff thrust. At least off a rail, which I think tends to have more friction.

But the feathering did work enough to save my SSO-E from major damage. The two parts of the nose cone popped at the glue joint. She'll fly again.


I'll have to ask Cris how to disarm a Quantum - she didn't reach min altitude, I think.