Eggtimer Quark Version Questions.


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Aug 29, 2020
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@cerving Cris I was going to send you an e-mail, but maybe having this information here will help anyone else looking for this. I purchased the quark back in 2020, and then ordered more now...(Holiday Sale). The Quark I received in 2020 has REV C2 on the board. I am assuming the ones on order now will be the D3 / D3+ once you get the drivers/missing parts. I plan to finish my Deployment System updates over the winter and use these all next summer. ( Along with the Eggtimer Apogee Controllers for non-Dual Deploy, but that's another thing...) In looking at my files for them, I am a little confused. ( It happens easily... :rolleyes: )

My first Question is about the Quark C2 board. There seems to be limited information on the "SUPPORT" page. Under the "Older Versions" header it lists Both Assembly and Manual for A/B versions...BUT no Assembly or Manual for the C2... There is a GERBER file for the C2 in this section. In my saved files I got from the support page a while ago: I have a Users Guide for Version B4, and an Assembly File for C2. (So the C2 assembly was available at some point.) Was there ever a User Manual for the C2 version?

Second Question is about the power ranges for the 3 versions... The B4 manual clearly says a few times the range is 1S to 12V and the the MINIMUM during firing events needs to be above 2.7V to keep the controller running. I thought the C2 was listed as 1S - 12V as well, when I bought it, but can't find it now... Then I see the "new D3" version says designed around a 2S LiPo (7.4V) but doen't list the min/max range in the manual. It looks like it still uses the same 3.3V regulator for control power, BUT has much different Driver IC's. Can you tell us what is the Suggested MIN/MAX...and what the Absolute Min/Max... is for each version of the quark? (ie ...if I am flying a small 24mm carboard LPR where weight is a big issue, can I get away with a 1S on the new version, or do the new Driver IC's have a higher minimum requirement, and I need to keep the C2 version for this application. )



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Feb 3, 2012
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The C2 version basically is the same as the A/B versions... the only difference is some tweaks to the layout. Assembly and operation was identical. The D3 version has different deployment components, but the operation is the same.

The D3 version REQUIRES a 2S LiPo, which previously had only been recommended; the minimum required voltage was just about 4V, but you could get by with 3.7V. As has been stated before, it's because of the drivers... they require a 4.5V minimum voltage to operate, so a 1S LiPo isn't quite enough. With the new drivers, you get protection against dead shorts, overvoltage, overtemperaturre, 10A current limiting (which saves both the drivers and your batteries), and basically full voltage to your ematches instead of the 2V drop that you get with the earlier versions.