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Sep 15, 2003
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Hello to all.I saw a thread about members that have never posted and decided to not be one anymore.I'm a 38 year old BAR re-entering the hobby.I have been building like crazy and want to start flying mid power stuff like the Aerotech line and lots of the Launch Pad kits.I have the opportunity to buy several boxes of Aerotech reloads that are 10-15 years old.Does any one have any experience with AP stuff that has sat? It all appears to have been stored well and everything is still sealed in the original wrapper.Thanks in advance to all who reply.
AP motors are fine, even if tey are many years old. THe only thing is that they may be a bit more difficult to ignite. BUt if you can get them at a good price, go for it!;)
The price is good.I'm a toyota technician and the reloads were offered for some simple repairs to the person's car.I would estimate that for $200.00 worth of work,I'll be getting about 90-100 bagged reloads. I know its a great deal,I just don't want to risk to many CATO's.
CATOs, nah, just use some good hot ignitors and they'll work like they were made yesterday:cool:
With AP a CATO isn't an issue if they are old. I'm with rocwizard, just use a magnelite or something similar.
Can't you sand the inside of the C-slot of the smaller reloads to improve ignition time?


Happy to see you posting and welcom to TRF! :D

I don't have much expereince with old AT motors but that sounds like quite the deal you are getting for that many motors. So I feel it would be worth it try anyways even if a small percentage of them give you trouble igniting. If you were local to me I'd even offer to buy a few off you. :)
Welcome to the forum :). Do you fly with CMASS? I would be happy to take a look at what you have, and give you recommendations ;)... I may even want to buy trade or swap a few loads :D
let me get my hands on the reloads,and I'm sure there will be some that are too big or too long a delay for the tail chasing Launch pad line.I have much to learn about the RMS line,and I realize people are looking for reloads. I hope the Aerotech line is picked up after all this legal stuff is over.

One other question,is The Launch Pad Co back in operation? Red Arrow Hobbies website says kits are in stock as of january.Has anyone heard what is happening? I was considering selling several of the kits I was lucky enough to stock up on when Valueland went out of biz.I have seen the Pershing kits for upwards of $80.00 on E-bay and was hoping to cash in a little.

Well I'm going out to the garage to attempt to build the little paper fairing on the lower end of "sandman's" small Saturn 1b.It looks like a "tuffy".
Welcome aboard, KidWoosh. One side issue you should be aware of is the possibility that some of the motors might no longer be certified for use at NAR or TRA launches. I would take the time to cross reference a list of the motors with a certified motor list.

If you have some that are no longer certified, you can simply fly them on your own. Just be sure if the situation calls for it to do the proper FAA notifications or waiver requests as required.

Otherwise ... Enjoy them, --Lance.