easy inkjet sticker "decals"

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Jan 2, 2004
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Of course, slide on decals are ideal, but I've had good luck simply printing inkjet images onto sticky-backed labels or even plain copy paper.

I airbrush the images with Future using real light "mist" coats. By not soaking the paper for any given coat, I avoid 1) wrinkling the paper, and 2) excess moisture causing the ink to bleed. A hair dryer dries each coat in seconds and I can get several coats down in just a few minutes.

Stick them onto the rocket (use spray adhesive if using plain copy paper) and overcoat with more Future.

If you don't have a way to spray Future, you may need to use somthing like Krylon clear. Brushing Future may result in the inks bleeding.

This is great for "fun" rockets I build with my son where we can put images of his favorite cartoon characters (Buzz Lightyear is a current favorite). Maybe Clifford will be next...