Dec 26th launch (with vids)...

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Sep 30, 2012
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Temple TEXAS
We are visiting my brother in Peoria AZ and we had planned on a family launch day today at the local soccer field. When I looked outside this morning the wind was howling. There were whitecaps in the pool and the flag across the way looked like it was made out of plywood. :mad:

I promptly opened the computer and whined about it in over at the Watering Hole...

A bit later it looked like the wind had subsided a bit (but not nearly enough) and my brother walked in with his range box and several rockets. He said that the wind at his place was usually worse than at the flying field and we should go give it a try. That turned out to be a good call... When we arrived at the field there were light winds, clear skies and cool to sorta cold temps.

We ended up burning a bunch of motors and only had one casualty when my nephew's Firehawk had the chute stick in the tube and performed a nose cone off lawn dart right in front of the pad. I flew five rockets, three of which were scratch builts, a Crossfire ISX and my fifteen year old Quest Nike Smoke. My brother Matt and his boys John and Matt flew five of their birds, all kit builds but the actual kit names are long forgotten (I'm sure you guys will know what they are when you see the pics). His oldest son Luke came along and shot some vids and my dad Gus came along just to hang out with everyone (He enjoyed the rockets too).

After all of my moaning about the weather this morning, it ended up a being great day out with three generations of our fam out flying rockets!:cool:

Here are a few pics:

Matt and john with their fleet...

My Nike Ajax-ish psuedoscale thing...

Matt with his favorite. Can't remember the name of that thing...

The Crew: Matt, my dad Gus (Dad was a bit cold), John and Luke.

Praying to the rocket gods...

Matt and Matt prep the Firehawk for what would be its last flight. Luke goofs in the background, there.

My scratch built 13mm Bolt. It really moves...

I know this is getting to be a long post, but Luke shot some slo-mo launch vids and I thought I'd throw those on here too.


Last flight of the Firehawk. RIP...

One of my scratchies. Nice weathercock...

Got most of this flight...

My psuedo-scale Nike-esque thing...

Thanks for looking!
Y'all had quite a day! Funny, Dad's all bundled up and the boys are wearing shorts!