Custom Rockets Equinox - anybody got one?

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Carnivore, Interrupted
Jan 18, 2009
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Custom came out with a few new models this year, and a couple of them look pretty good. The 6' tall D-powered Equinox caught my attention; it may be affordable enough for our Troop for our annual build/fly.

Custom says it has 2 chutes, but I'm wondering if it's a mid-sep (I'd certainly consider modding it to do so if it wasn't).

Has anyone picked one of these up yet, and if so can you post your experience with it?

The Sunward CFX would also be a good alternative, but I can get the Equinox at my LHS.
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I think it's a re-release. I've got an original hanging up in the garage. Yeah, I think it's a Mean Machine knock-off. My instructions have it as a nose-blow. I made mine seperate between the 1st and 2nd sections, but I have only a friction fit in the middle for easy transport. Mine spent some time boxed up and developed a bow. Now it has a slow oscillation on the way up.