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Mar 14, 2004
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Yeah, it could go in Vendors, but this isn't about buying. It's about visiting.

Since I'm leaving CT soon I needed to make the trip to visit Countdown Hobbies 40 miles away) just to see the place, and while I was there get advice and maybe instruction on picking and using my first RMS.

The place is somewhere between a museum and a rocketeer's candy store. You could look though catalogs and web sites for hours to see all the birds available, but you can see them covering the walls at Countdown.

A few months ago I was able to find an on "Scientific" Alpha 1 soda gas powered plastic rocket from the 50's. There were like 9 of them , plus other models, stacked up there.

Kevin was very helpful when I asked questions, but left me alone when I wanted to browse; I like that.

Anyone who finds themselves along the upper right coast should stop by. And if you want to meet Kevin, do it soon. He said he's selling the business, but assured me that the new owner will keep it like it is.

[Edited later] Countdown still carries a fair selection of Vaugh Brothers rockets. Sadly, no "BoB", but most of the rest of their catalog. Get them at retail before they're gone and become "collectors' items".