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Dec 24, 2003
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Rge next scheduled launch window for CATO will be October 16th in Sterling.

The launch will be Noon until 7PM with our annual pumpkin loft contest to kick off the fall season.

So, You note the odd hours do you?

Thats riiiight...

Night Launch!

We will be enforcing illumination on the way up and down. The illumination must be visible at all times in case of a failure to deploy. No lightsticks on the recovery harness. Well you can have them, you just need something else as well.

The Redlines will be flyin' And the White Lightnings!

BP Clusters will abound.

And we are gonna get a look at Loki after dark!
Delayed at least until sunday. As much as I want to fly at night doing so in 25mph wind in a muddy field would kind of take the fun out of it.
Now postponed until 10/23

We still expect to fly noon until just after sunset.

For me it will be the maiden flight of Bad Daddy,

3 x 24 Big Daddy with a illuminated nose.

Everyone knows Bad Daddys only go out at night.