TriCities Rocketeers October 2017 Launch

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Oct 13, 2014
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Pasco, WA
The Tri Cities Rocketeers will be holding our next launch of 2017 on Saturday October 14th. We will have a 10,000 foot waiver in place limited to L impulse open from 10am-5pm.

Please keep an eye on our website and the mailing lists and our forum for launch updates. No news is good news, which means we will only make a cancellation announcement if poor or hot weather is expected. If the launch is cancelled, the announcement will be made at least 24 hours in advance.

If you plan to fly an any rocket that might approach the limit of our waiver, we would ask that you provide sim data that will show us that the rocket will not break the waiver.

We have implemented a liability waiver policy. All event attendees (flyers and spectators, including children) must now have a signed liability waiver on file.
You can download the waiver here:

Please also note our enhanced safety policies as well. You can read them here:

Dry camping is allowed at our site if you would like to come early. Here is an overhead view of our site with camping area marked:

You can visit the page on our website with our "address" to aid in locating our launch site here:

Sparky motors are allowed.

If you would like to become a TCR member, the annual cost is only $10.00 and is good for our "fiscal" year from April 1st through March 31st. All proceeds go towards maintaining and improving the equipment necessary to provide a better launch experience.

Hope to see you at the sod farm!
Weather is currently looking good for Saturday, winds 5-10mph with gust to 13mph and mi-60's temps should be great flying weather.
Another good 2017 October launch is in the books, with the weather cooperating for this time of year.* The winds were manageable all day and did not seem to discourage fliers, as we had everything big and little go up.* We had a total of 73 flights, with cub scout Pack 231 contributing to a number of successful A and B flights. The motor breakdown was as follows:
A: 23
B: 11
C: 8
D: 3
E: 4
F: 8
G: 10
H: 3
I:* 5

K: 1

Frequent flier award goes to Jim Pommert with 9 flights.* Frank Burke was not far behind with 7 flights, including 3 “I” flights on his most impressive large-scale lightweight rockets.* Most entertaining flight goes to Bill Wyvel, who retired his scratch built Red Max after the K-590 motor was too much for the large fins and disassembled the rocket at about 300’.


Thanks once again to all those who helped set up and tear down the launch, and special thanks to Darrell and Rich for doing LCO duty.* Hope to see you all next month if the weather behaves for our November launch.

Posted to the TCR forum by Dave King.