BRB900 nose cone bay from the plumbing department

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Sep 5, 2009
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I don't like to hard mount the BRB900 to a sled. I did this on a previous design using Coker's nose cone method, and after a hard landing, the RF module popped loose from the board. I believe BRB recommends against this as well, and suggests to just bubble wrap the unit securely. So, I upgraded the bay to a simple tube enclosure.


54mm centering ring with t-nuts epoxied inside nose cone shoulder
Bulkhead and #6 screws
PVC cap bolted to the bulkhead with eyebolt (heavier than I would like)
1.9" Aerotech tubing (oddball size, hard to find)
1.5" sink trap adapter to use as a threaded closure (I got this idea from somebody else on the forum, I think.)
1/8" plywood disk cut to fit in the threaded adapter closure

After assembling and glueing everything, I needed to grind off the knurls of the threaded closure in order to pass through the centering ring.

20171014_161802.jpg20171014_220346.jpg20171014_220608 (1).jpg