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A.K.A. 'Mr. HoJo'
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Dec 4, 2016
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Birmingham, AL
Wow! Has everyone seen the new BT-80 29mm 3-D printed Honest John Kit? I may be the most devoted lover of the HoJo design in the rocketry hobby--and clearly have a problem with over a dozen of them in my fleet. But this one is going to make a great edition.

It has amazing detail, and fits perfectly on an Estes BT-80 body tube. Even better, you can order just the fin can section to make it easier to build the Estes Maxi-Brute model, without having to struggle with the vacuum form fins.


They are running a November special for this new kit, only $100. Fin can only available for $50 dollars. I have no financial connection with the company, just big fans of this mom and pop rocketry shop.

Here are some details from their web site:

Our BT-80 Honest John “Builders Kit” is the easy way to build a beautiful 36.33″ tall 1/9th scale flying model of the US Army’s first unguided surface-to-surface nuclear capable rocket. Powered by a 29mm model rocket motor (no permit or certification needed) this model will turn heads at any rocket launch. Our HoJo “Builders Kit” comes with the following quality 3D printed ABS parts:

  • A highly detailed two part Honest John nose cone with spin motor detail printed in all it’s glory.
  • A highly detailed 29mm fin can with diamond airfoil fins, boat tail, and motor bands.
  • MId-vehicle motor band with holes printed in.
  • Front and rear scale launch shoes.
  • Two sets of conformal launch lugs, 1/4″ rod and 1″ rail on stand offs, so you have a choice.
  • US ARMY vinyl decals.
  • Complete building instructions.
All you need to complete your model are the following parts plus paint, glue, and a little craftsmanship:

  • 1 – 18″ length of BT-80 body tube.
  • 1 – 13″ length of 29mm motor tube.
  • 1 – 36″ parachute with shock cord.
Your completed model will weigh in at around 1 lb 3 oz when complete (before nose weight and recovery system) so flights with “G” motors are spectacular! Remember kits will be printed in first come first served basis. You don’t want to miss out on this offer so order yours TODAY!

We know that some of our customers just want the fin can so they can finally build and fly their Estes maxi Honest John kit without dealing with the vacu-formed fins and the whimpy performance using the original “D” motor. We can just sell you the fin can during this promotion for $50.00 + $12.00 shipping (regular retail is $65.00).



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Feb 15, 2009
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I like the fact that the fincan be ordered separately from the kit. I have a partially built kit from almost 20 years ago when I could not figure out how to beef up the fins to my liking. Would be great to be able to finally finish it.