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  1. GuyNoir

    Boyce Aerospace Cineroc Builders

    Today, I got my Boyce Aerospace Cineroc clone delivered. The parts are very nice and were packaged well. I'm wondering if there's anyone here who has mounted their 808 video camera in this product. I'm looking for suggestions and tips about how to do that (or not do it!). All ideas welcome!
  2. lowga

    Boyce Aerospace New Honest John Kit

    Wow! Has everyone seen the new BT-80 29mm 3-D printed Honest John Kit? I may be the most devoted lover of the HoJo design in the rocketry hobby--and clearly have a problem with over a dozen of them in my fleet. But this one is going to make a great edition. It has amazing detail, and fits...
  3. lowga

    Boyce Aerospace Honest John & Q-Jets

    Saturday at the club launch, had my first opportunity to fly some of the Q-Jet motors from Aerotech. Decided to test fly them in a Boyce Aerospace 3-D printed Honest John. I had previously flown this rocket without any issues using Estes C6-7 black powder motors. First flight (pictured above)...