Boy Scout DEsert Shoootout


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Jan 17, 2010
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Last weekend, my boy scout troop had an event called the desert shootout. We set up a gun range, and in later years, we have set up a rocket range for the space exploration merit badge. This year I brought a substantial number of mid power rockets. A short list of rocket that I flew are:
Speeeear: 4 E9-6's, 9'7" tall
Hawks hobby super trident
Apgee Aspire
Weasel 29
Lil nuke
Richter recker
mean machine
Scratch built night launch rocket
and a new scratch built night rocket

All flew, although not all survived the casualties are:
Lil nuke: came in ballistic from and E9 flight. Just a little dinged up at the top
Old night launch rocket: blew out the mmt and dropped flasher

pictures will follow