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Sep 11, 2002
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Has anyone ordered from BMS lately?

I placed an order recently, and have not yet received it. I am not upset or anything, and figure that BMS must be swamped due to NARAM coming up....

But I was wondering if anyone has ordered recently, and what the turnround time was. I just want to stop salivating whenever the mail truck passes bye!! :p
Didn't somebody here mention a couple weeks ago that BMS had to run an order of 800 nose cones? They may still be catching up from that.
I received my order from them on Tuesday, it took about a week longer then usual, but I got everything I ordered. Not sure if they are still working on those 800 nose cones, but they are still taking care of the little orders!
I talked to Bill (BMS) on the phone.

It seems that a lot of guys are making kits and want to get everything ready for NARAM.

Yep, he's swamped.

Well, I knew that once I opened my big mouth, I would be shoving my foot in it!!

Guess what just showed up!!

Yup, my BMS order!!

Bill may be swamped, but he is rising to the challenge!!

Place order by phone, always works best. That way Bill or his wife can tell you exactly when they'll ship.

They're are real nice folks...a pleasure to talk to on the phone.
I just placed my first order with them today, but I sent them an additional email for some custom centering rings and am waiting for them to confirm the total order. So it may take awhile.
Another key to success is sending along a note to return r-mail so that you know that they have recieved it....
Sort of a delivery confirmation e-mail if you will:)