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May 25, 2002
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BluesRocks #657 is pleased to announce that BlueSkies 5 will be held from 10AM-5PM with a 5K waiver On Saturday Sept. 18th.....Extended weather shows mostly sunny skies with a high around 80 with light winds to the south/southwest.......

for more information please see our website at:
Possible Cancellation Alert: Due to Hurricane Ivan the weather may be bad Saturday....A call will be made here, on the website at and at our private yahoo bluesrocks group on FRIDAY.......

thank you
Due to Hurricane Ivan BlueSkies % will be postponed till the following Saturday weather permitting..same times and waiver.....
WE ARE GO with our 5k waiver from 10am to 5pm....At the Etown Landfill site is looking very good: partlysunny to cpartly cloudy as the day wears on, temps in the low 80's and winds < 10 from the north......

come on down...come on up!
We did about 35 flights yesterday...due to the more or less constant 5-12 mph wind from the North, recovery distances and times obviously increased resulting in the low number of total flights..

the flight cards say:

1/2A -1
A -1
B -4
C -11
D -6
E -0
F -3
G -4
H -2
I -2

Darrel Hankes achieved his L1 status with an H180R, while David put his Crayon up with a H128M....both excellent flights !

Bryan Mackin had 2 spectacular I flights.. The first was a dual
deployment that worked flawlessly and the 2nd resulted in a ballistic impact from approx 3500 ft..... theres a 38/360 motor casing out here somehwhere that I know survived that!

Darrell Hankes also had the misfortune of a G80 cato blowing out the bottom 1/3 of his model...not pretty......

Heres the BluesRockS Club records:

1st person to qualify L1 at Sims Farm -- David Logan
1st person to qualify L1 at Etown Landfill -- Joe Magginnis
2nd person to qualify L1 at Etown Landfill -- Darrell Hankes
1st person to do dual deployment at Etown Landfill -- Bryan Mackin
1st person to fly an I at Etown Landfill -- Bryan Mackin
1st person to ever fly HPR at Etown Landfill -- Michael Henninger

Largest motor flown anywhere : Michael Henninger J330 Mosquito at Sims Farm

some pics will follow later in the week...
I hope Patricks pics turn out better than what we got. Our camera somehow got the settings changed before the launch. I had set it before we got there. That'll teach me to double check. I had set it for shutter priority with a speed of 1/1250. Somehow, it got changed back to automatic, and what wasn't blurry, was nothing but a smoke trail.

The Crayon did fly great on the H128. Landing was good too. Then the wind filled the chute and dragged it around a bit, which led to a broken fin. A little CA, and some more clear packing tape, and it'll be good to go again:p