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Feb 22, 2003
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Great Lakes Hobbies

The reload kits for this particular motor are all about the same price - give or take a couple bucks, but Magnum has:

§ D13W (3 PK) $8.95 4, 7, 10

§ D24T (3 PK) $8.95 4, 7, 10

Magnum also has the same Hardware kit for $33.95

So, the question is, has everyone been satisfied with these 2 companies - for the most part ?

I'd like to save a bit on the hardware if possible, but even if I don't, I really could use a D-in-a C body for a few projects.

My final question - as a good reload kit, would I be wrong to assume that a good solid middle of the road reload would be the 7 second delay in either variety ?

Many thanks..8)
Magnum is great! You will not have any problems with Ross :)

Get the 4 and 7 second delays :)

The Space Shuttle will fly great with a D13-4W... assuming it will hold together.

Aerotech should make a milder D's for that case... like maybe a D6 White Lightning moon burner :D. How about a D3T load. I would buy those in a second :D
Great Lakes is good. I never ordered through them, since the shop is driving distance for me.

Hope it helps,
Great Lakes and Magnum are great. I've ordered multiple times from each. Quick response and receipt. I will order from both sites again.

NAR 81741 L1
I've ordered form GLH, shipping was kinda slow to me but good service!

Hmmm... Maybe when I get some allowance i will have to scratchbuild something for this case...
Never had a problem with either of them. I normally drive to pick up my orders from Magnum, and GLH usually ships fairly quickly, and I have them in about three days or so. Love them both, and will continue to use both.

Thanks for the info guys. It sounds like both will work well for my motor needs.

Ross is out of the reloads at this time - as of today the 6th of April, so I'm going to go through Great Lakes and see if they have any of the hardware in stock. 9 bucks is 9 bucks. 8)

Silly question for you Aerotech motor users.

What type of rocket would need a 13 second delay in a D engine ?

Unless its an ultralight, I can't see a reason for such a long delay, lest your looking to have the chute open 10 feet above terra-firma - at least thats my thinking.

Originally posted by Silverleaf

What type of rocket would need a 13 second delay in a D engine ?

Some minimum diameter high performance models might need the long delay, especially if it's a high thrust (Blue Thunder) D. Lotsa coast in