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Dec 24, 2003
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I need to drill things down a bit.

For doing fiberglass, which is the best epoxy?

I know everyone raves about West Systems and that is the brand I'll go with. Which formula is the best for fiberglass. Most of my uses will be for fin reinforcements and internal stiffening.


Now im not going to say this is the best but I just used some Double/Bubble epoxy using jetra2's method of Making easy epoxy fillets to reinforce the fins on my LPR and it came out great. I cant say enough how easy his instructions made it.

I used Pacer Z-Poxy for my two latest HPR birds, a Binder Design Stealth and a PML Matrix. I was very pleased with it and when I made my fillets, I used some milled fiber from Binder Design mixed in with the epoxy. They claim that it can triple the strength of the epoxy.

We'll see as my Stealth will eventually experience a flight on an AT I285R and possibly an I300T and I really get brave, an AT I435T.
I have used the System 3 trial kit-- it is a great value.
But I would be remiss if I didn't mention my last supplier: -- their epoxy, fillers, and fabrics are excellent and priced affordably.
I'll chime in my praises for System 3 as well.
That trial pack is indeed a great value, IMHO.
Also included is the <i>Epoxy Book</i>. Sort of an 'Everthing you wanted to know about epoxy' primer.
It used to be available online as a download, but I didn't see it this time.
I generally build on a budget and for that, ya can't beat US Composites. You can also get all your fiberglass there for very decent prices.