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Jan 18, 2009
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Stafford, VA
Tripoli Central Virginia is hosting a Tripoli launch this January at their Battle Park launch site. Saturday, Jan 9th will be a commercial motor launch while Sunday, Jan 10th will be a research launch.

Check the BattlePark website for details.
The rescheduled launch, Sat. 16th for Commercial and Sun 17th for Research looks like great weather for Saturday.

Saturday Forecast :D :cheers: :D :eyepop:
Winds of 2 mph with Gusts to 3 mph!
Cloud base most of the day +12,000 feet.

Sunday Forecast :y: :eek: :confused: :( :mad:
Winds 16 mph with Gusts to 38mph
Cloud base 200 - 500 feet.

Guess we'll all have to fly twice as much on Saturday!

With the low winds and large site, I think tickling the 15,000 foot wavier sound like the thing to do!

Saturday sounds like the perfect day to fly 'em FAST and fly 'em HIGH!
How was Saturday?

Weather men LIE! They lie like dogs! Sorry for the slight on the dogs.

The Aviation forecast was 1 mph. The Accuweather was 2mph with gusts to 3mph.

My El Juan when to 3,675 with a dual deploy, main at 400 ft. It landed a half mile away! :y:

The top inch of the clay thawed out and turned to mud. It was like grease on the frozen ground below. Very fun skating around. Watched a brand new red Camero drift backwards and sideways as it tried to move forward.

All and all, it was a pretty good day! I got one rocket into orbit! I put a F24W in an Estes Stormcaster. Never heard a deployment charge or saw a chute. Never saw anything again, so it must have made orbit, right?

Got 2,846 ft from my Callisto on an H180W.

A level 2 cert was flow off the trailer launcher.

A lot of TARC flights,

and generally, a good time was had by all.

It was a rocket launch, of course everyone had a good time! :D