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Sep 20, 2023
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Newtown Square, PA
gGreetings! I'm a U.S. Army Bosnia veteran who was launching Estes Rockets in 1981. I'm a 'BAR" because my wife and I now have a 3 and 5-year old, so getting back into it.

And interesting observation after being away for this hobby for 40 years- I've been a scale modeler all my life, and enjoy building 300-part model tanks, scratch building, converting, etc., working on a scale plastic kit for 6 months, so model rockets seem like a peace of cake- not that I'm a genius builder, but compared to a very detailed model plane with, say, 500 parts, rockets are really simple to build, I'm very pleasantly surprised to see!

Looking forward to connecting, especially on how to "build a better V2-" would love advice on the idea of updating the old Estes kit, can it be improved? Best, Christian
Welcome! Glad you are here. Thank you for your service. I was off the coast for a short time underwater during that war.

Man there are some just crazy amazing V2 kits out there now.

There is even a conversion to fly a plastic scale model V2 on rocket motors.

Research it on here and you will see some cool stuff.

Welcome AUStanker and family. V2 you say ? Spend some time with these links. :)

Almost everything about:

A display model that can be modded for flight and more:

Lots of tips and some Peter Alway scale drawings:

Includes a template for more scalely fins for the Estes 1/25 model:

The last word on detailing the Estes Maxi V2:
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