Backorders at Hobbylinc, anyone else ever have issues with this?

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Jun 25, 2014
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Sactown, CA
So, I placed an order for some Aerotech F44-4's on Black Friday back in November... not a ton of them (6-packs) like I usually do. However, they have continually sent me backorder notices with no ETA on shipping. I've emailed twice to get clarification with the same response. Called Aerotech today and there is no shortage of supply... So, was wondering if anyone else has had issues like this with them before. I've bought literally 1000's of dollars of AT motors from them, without issue to date, so it strikes me as odd. There isn't a contact # at Hobbylinc for customer service, only email...

I'm down to my last F32-4.... :)
When i was checking the site a few days ago, it seemed like almost every single type of AT single-use motor was out of stock. I was checking prices on EconoJet F motors and single-use G motors, and almost everything I was looking at was out of stock. Also it seemed like prices had gone up significantly. The last time I bought anything from them, I really stocked up big time, and then my flying opportunities dropped off, so it may have been more than 2 years since I bought anything from them.
Call Hobbylinc directly and ask. I received some BP motors that were in stock in 5 days. Sometimes it's been three days. Kurt

Did you use their online order number? That's the only one I see listed.
Just got another reply, hopefully this solves it...

I apologize for the confusion, our site has not been updated. We are actually expecting these back in to us hopefully by the end of the week. We have them due back in around mid February. We should be able to fill your order and have it shipped in full very shortly.

On 2/13/2017 3:24 PM, you wrote:

I called Jennifer at Aerotech. They do not/have not had a supply shortage and have plenty in stock. When did you place your order through them?
Hobbylinc had really good prices and supply when I started back into rocketry about 3 years ago. Now it is kind of blah.

I unsubscribed from their weekly sale e-mail because over half of their motor "deals" were OOS (and now likely never to return) Quest products. Since I can get similar pricing elsewhere I just decided to move on.
An update on this, still nothing. This will be my last time doing business with them.
I have had Hobbylinc orders take as long as 1 month for backorders, and communication with them is spotty unless you are willing to wait. But in this case thats way too long to wait.
I placed my first order with them earlier this month, and received it in about 5 days. Items were in stock, but I was still surprised at very fast delivery time.