Anyone useing these locators?

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Yes, I've got one of these systems. People might recognize these by the "RocketHunter" name used when Joe was re-selling them. Nice system. Transmitters are larger than Walston. But will not matter to most HPR flyers. They transmit in the 222 MHz ham band.
After leaving my AMRAAM in the field, I am getting a RF package, What can anyone tell me about these?

Yep, you DO have your amateur license, don't you? If not, we can point you to a lot of self-study material that will help you use that system legally.

It's a good system that works well, by the way - well worth the little effort it'll take you to get your license, if you don't have one already.

YEP.. wouldn/t fly without it. Over the last 4 years it has brought home many a lost bird!

Save just one high power rocket will all the goodies and you have payed for itself