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What Shock Cord Strap would you like to see in BSD kits?

  • 1" black nylon strap with grommets

  • 1/2 Kevlar strap with NO grommets

  • 1" black nylon strap with grommets

  • 1/2 Kevlar strap with NO grommets

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We have seen this in another thread. But I was seeing if there would be any interest in a kit that we would offer you to chose the fin shape, Nose cone, and motor mounts. We would be looking at a BT60 body tube and will offer 3 different fin shapes, 3 different nose cone and 3 different motor mounts (3 18mm cluster, 1 18mm or 1 24mm). You would tell me the parts you would want and we would put the kit kit together. We could also offer a choice of decals. If you are interested would like precut fins or keep the kit a little lower price and get fin stock. If you would like fin stock would it be basswood or Balsa. Please let us know if this would be something that you would like to see or not.

We just thought of a new one to add. We would send a kit with 3 different fin patterens and fin stock for one set of fins. Also would include the 3 different nose cones and parts for 3 different motor mounts. It would include a swivel so you could switch between nose cones and you wouls have extra motor mounts around for your scratch builing. This would be a little more to cover the cost.

I would have interest in something like that if perhaps there was several body tubes and you could build three rockets and mix and match the parts between them for different configuations, kind of a "modular rocket." I think Estes and Centuri toyed with that kind of idea here and there, and that had always intrigued me.

Just a thought,

A more simple execution of that MMT concept might be a lot like the Semroc Goliath. The Goliath comes with all the MMT tubes & CRs so that the builder can choose at the time of building if they want 1 x 18mm, 1 x 24mm, or 3 x 18mm. I would think the added expense that the builder would have to pay for all the MMT parts would be minor at most & certainly easier (despite there be more overall parts) for the vendor. As a builder, that also means that I have some leftover parts to use in a future scratch build :)

I would say K.I.S.S. regarding the nose cone. Just have one in the kit. A unique shape would be cool, but not required...

Lastly, come up with a fin design that allows for at least 2 different looks, like a swept shape that can be either a swept forward or swept back design. Some simple strakes or canards could again inspire more creative options if chosen to be used by the builder...and again, a minimal trouble/expense for the vendor.

Just a builder's $0.02.
Ok here is what we are thinking. We would put a kit together that would come with 3 BT60 body tubes might be the same length or different length, 3 nose cones, and Balsa fin stock with 2 or 3 different fin shapes that 1 or 2 fins that could be swept forward or back. We would also put in a sheet of decals that would have 3 decal sets. You could make the rocket in many different ways. We think the price would be around $20.00. What kind of interest would there be in this. I think we have a few designs that would work in this kit but have to do some fine tuning and see if they could work with all of the fins motors and so forth.


Sounds pretty cool to me.

You know what would be REALLY COOL. Make it so that all three rockets could fit together and make a longer, 3-stage rocket....or pick two of them for a 2-stage...or fly any one of them individually. There could be 3 separate fin cans....3 body tubes...and three nose cones. Mix-n-match....

Sorry...just thinking out loud...

I think its a pretty cool idea. Reminds of those "which way books."
It's a "which way rocket", oh wait, that sounds bad.:p