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Alpha III Decals

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May 20, 2014
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Recently, we were gifted some Alpha III rockets. They've been assembled and flown once. The builders were first timers. As you can guess, they were not built well. They have bad, partial or no decals. We are going to be rebuilding them is new body tubes and new launch lugs.

I know several people build with groups and often have left over decals. Would anyone be willing to sell us a few sets so we can make the kits nice again for some kids?
Are you looking for actual decals or peel-n-stick, and in black (for the original red/white Alpha III) or orange (for the current orange/black Alpha III)?

The orange stickers that are the current style will be easier to source I am sure.
Either/or actually. The rockets we have are the orange and black, but I can paint them any way needed.

When we get rockets like this, we try to clean them up, sometimes rebuild them, and then give them to children. Sometimes it's for less fortunate kids. Sometimes it's for kids visiting our launch for the first time. Watching a launch is cool for kids. Flying their own is a whole other experience for everyone present.

So any Alpha III decals will work. I'll make the rockets match.