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Advertisement: WTB Saturn V K-36

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Nov 25, 2004
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I know there are a lot of Saturn V's out there right now, but this is the kit that got away. I always wanted the clusted early K-36 but at the time I too young to afford this kit. (Still not to right unforutnately). I looked at it in the catalog everyday. If anyone wants to make a dream come true and has one for sale please contanct me.
Originally posted by sandman
Good luck with that.

That is the Original kit so be prepared to pay BIG TIME!

Is that the kit that had the scale size fins and you had to make removable clear plastic fins that attached for flying?

It was powered by (3) C6-3's but later on they came out with an adapter mount to use a D13-3.

That's the one that I built and was afraid to fly. :rolleyes:

It sat for many years on the paper engine shrouds and they are kind of crumpled but I am resolved to fix them and fly it next season. The escape tower is long gone, so I need to find a way to make one.
At least you can fix yours!...

My wife sold mine in a garage sale!

I remind her of that whenever I want to buy something.:)