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Advertisement: OOP kits at local hobby shop!

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Jan 25, 2009
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Hi all!

I have some exciting news for everyone! My local hobby shop, Ralph's Hobbies, just got in several new OOP kits. They are all in good condition, with the boxed kits being in shrink wrap and the one bagged kit being, well, bagged. Here's the three kits that I'd be willing to pick up and ship to a willing buyer:

  • Estes Honest John, $49.99
  • Estes Super Big Bertha, $29.99
  • Estes Maxi Alpha, $19.99

That's it. I will be able to go by there and pick up the kit and ship it to whoever wants to buy it. Shipping will likely be 5-10 dollars or so. Please send me an e-mail at: [email protected] if you are interested! :cool:

Oh, these were there the last time I visited him, which was last Friday. I'll go by there tomorrow to double-check what he's still got, ok?

What's the difference? I think it's the one with plastic fins, and it is red, white and blue on the facecard.

Hey! I got dibbs on the Maxi-Alpha! Sheesh Jason...gotta give the locals first shot at these kits! :rolleyes: :kill:
Estes kit #1291 Maxi Alpha


Uses Balsa fins, modeled as an upscale of the good ol' Alpha.

Estes kit #1321 Maxi Alpha III


Plastic fins, modeled as an "upscale" of the good ol' Alpha III.
It's the Maxi Alpha III. BTW - I am SO scratch building one of the Maxi Alpha's! That thing is sweet!

All of the plans for the Maxi Alpha are available at www.rocketshoppe.com

Looks like a pretty straightforward build, using BT80 and the Phoenix/Optima/Der V3 nose cone. Looks like an excellent candidate for a 3 x "E" engine cluster!
Hi all,

I have an UPDATE!

The SBB is gone, but the Maxi Alpha III and Maxi HJ are still there. The Maxi Alpha is $19.99 and the Maxi HJ is $49.99. I talked with the owner and he said that he will be willing to take your phone calls and ship them to you - now you won't have to worry about the middleman (me). Here is his contact information:

Ralph's Hobbies
Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Go ahead and give him a call! Tell him that Jason sent ya!

Does he have any AT motors?

Hobby Haven has some SBBs, and same with J's Hobby Haven.
Originally posted by jetra2
[*]Estes Super Big Bertha, $29.99

I was wondering. is there a difference between the Super Big Bertha and the Big Bertha?
The Big Bertha is a BT-60-based design.

The Super BB is a BT-80-based design, and the body tubes are proportionally longer too.

The Super BB was also later re-released (with new decals) as the Broadsword. You can make one from by combining the BTs from an Executioner kit with the NC from a Fat Boy.
Originally posted by powderburner
The Big Bertha is a BT-60-based design.

The Super BB is a BT-80-based design

The Super Big Bertha looks great too, but I got to finish up my little rocket girl's Big Bertha..........
Originally posted by Blue_Ninja_150
Does he have any AT motors?

I believe that he may have some F50's, but I'm not sure if he'll be able to ship them.

Originally posted by powderburner

The Super BB was also later re-released (with new decals) as the Broadsword.

The other difference between the Super BB and the Broadsword is that the Broadsword was advertised to use "E" engines, rather than just D's. Granted, this only involves moving the engine block forward 1" and replacing the standard engine hook with the longer "E" hook............
Ok...more information. There are MORE OOP kits at this hobby shop! Get this, ok!

  1. One Estes Saturn V, new release, $89.99
  2. One Estes Maxi Honest John, $49.99
  3. One Estes Maxi Alpha III, $19.99
  4. Two Estes Space Program Membership Packages w/ Yankee Clipper kit, $9.99
  5. One Estes Prowler, $11.99
  6. One Estes Rampage, E2X, $9.99

    Now I'm saving the best stuff for last...he can get a few of these, but he has only one in stock, call him for more information
    • ESTES 2.6" V-2 kit! $24.99!

    Contact Ralph for more information: 727-547-8607

How would you go about this 2 -D's can I find a BT-80 conversion for a two d motors that would fit in a BT-80 Centering rings ,Bt-50 motor tubes and hooks ?

Yeah Baby! I stopped by Ralph's today and picked me up a V-2! He still has more left, but when they're gone... call him ASAP! You can get it for only $25 bucks! Here's a picture for you to drool over:


Is the 2.6" V2 the one with balsa fins, rather than the vacu-formed craptacular stuff on the Bt101 sized kit?

Yep! This is the 2.6" version with the balsa fins! DROOL!