A proposed new military branch would send US troops to guard the galaxy

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I've read about this. Space Corps. As of now it would be handled by the Air Force but eventually... The only controversy is if it's really necessary to create the extra bureaucracy at this point.

Half joking. It is like the technology that gets public release/acknowledgment yet has existed behind closed for a long time. How long did the Blackbirds exist before they were commonly know about? F-117 and its predecessors?

I think we are considerably more advanced beyond the cloak of the black project world than in the known world.
"SG-1 already defends earth, we don't need any one else."

Sent from the desk of Brigadier General Hammond (of Texas).
Someone must have watched Ancient Aliens and the show after it, UFO Conspiracy: Hunt for the Truth last night.
We have been working with Aliens since the end of Truman's term, into Eisenhower's term.
We are suppose to have bases on the back side of the moon and on Mars, using old structures abandoned centuries ago.
If....you believe...
Not saying Solar Warden is it. Not saying we are on the moon or Mars. I am also not saying that we are not. Makes for fun discussions though.

I was thinking more along the lines of scramjet/ linear aerospike powered suborbital craft that can do what the national aerospace planes referenced during the Reagan era could do. Or the rods of God, tr-3b, and who knows what else.

We have quite the history of being much more advanced in secret than we let on.
Look up "Solar Warden" M
Knowing zero about it I did.
Fascinating, as that sci-fi guy with the pointy ears sometimes said.
McKinnon also found out about the ships or craft within Solar Warden. It is said that there are approx eight cigar-shaped motherships (each longer than two football fields end-to-end) and 43 small "scout ships. The Solar Warden Space Fleet operates under the US Naval Network and Space Operations Command (NNSOC) [formerly Naval Space Command]. There are approximately 300 personnel involved at that facility, with the figure rising.

Solar Warden is said to be made up from U.S. aerospace Black Projects contractors, but with some contributions of parts and systems by Canada. United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, Russia, and Australia. It is also said that the program is tested and operated from secret military bases such as Area 51 in Nevada, USA.

So should we just write this off as utter nonsense?

Hmm ... "should we just write this off as utter nonsense?"
Nah, at least not for as long as it entertains me.
After that ...
McKinnon Of course doesn't have hard evidence, he hacked NASA but was cut off before he could save.
So we have to take his word for it.

My wife and I in the summer months float around in the pool at night watching the sky. We see the usual identifiable stuff, meteors, satellites, Iridium flares..tumbling satellites are interesting. However we regularly see flashes, very quick and extremely bright. I have done research and others around the world also see them. It happens regular enough if we sit outside with a clear sky within an hour we will see one. We joke about it being a ship going into hyperspace but really have no idea what we are seeing. I used to sit out with my father for many hours a night looking through his telescope back in the 70's and don't recall seeing anything like that back then.
It has been suggested they could be meteors coming directly at us but that seems unlikely.
My first though would be satellite surfaces catching the sun just right for a moment - but there are a lot of "it depends on ..." variables in that equation. And there are quite a few more satellites up there than in the 1970s, whicn makes the increasing number of flashes make sense.
I think the Space Corps would be better modeled after the Navy since the safety of shipping routes in space is where I think they are going with this.

Far too soon for sure, but in 50 years might be a good time to discuss once mining asteroids or the Moon ramps up. Space is supposed to be un-claimable, but you know various countries(read Russia & China) are going to lay claim various asteroids for mining valuable resources.

I can see it now, in the year 2100, Somali Space Pirates.
I can just see it now... "I pulled you over because you were hitting lightspeed in a planetary zone." I think Spieberg and Zemeckis should be collaborating on this one...