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Jan 17, 2009
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Well ladies and gentlemen, it's about that time again.

Time for what? Well, time to bombard you with Stickershock23's newest decals..

Lets get right to it. First off I got some great photos of the Standard AGM 78, so I updated the decal set.
I has more details than ever before. And its now in full color! THis is a HUGE, Detailed set. Check it out...

Standard AGM78

I have, By popular demand, Added a Second Jayhawk set, This set is like the Old Estes set, with FULL markings and every detail the real Drone had. The new set is well over twice the size as the old set, and is in full color (ok 6 colors) Plus for those that are doing smaller rockets, or just don't want it, the original set is still available..


Then We have added two new Exotic sets. People have been asking for these for a long time, so I got down to it, and worked them up. THese two are Bright and Colorful. check them out.

Explorer Aquarius

Space cruiser Excalibur

And lastly I have added a couple more old estes kits. These are simple to build rockets, so they should be great for an easy first Upscale.



Thanks again for looking, and remember....

Never Fly Naked :D