a couple diet cokes and a tall bertha

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Jan 26, 2009
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well lately had nothin to do so...

theres a cardboard tube on the inside to if it hits hard then it wont dent and make any sharp engines... its d-powered... still need to get the fins on it...
tall bertha, of which my cousin did the paintjob for... the other side is black...
I really like your Coke design. I wouldn't be able to say that if they were Pepsi cans.
The nose cone is a great touch!
I absolutely love the Diet Coke rocket!! Be sure to post launch pics if you get some!!
Oh, guess where I work?

Have a Coke and a smile :)
im goin out for a launch tomorrow (no school... snow day...)

its basically suicidal

gonna launch:

mean machine

big bertha

bigger bertha (still debating whether to or not to)


diet coke rocket


and a few others

ill have plenty of pics :D
**** hobby shop was closed for the snow so no engines...

do alternating code red and mt. dew lol