A 1976 Catalog With The Cineroc Exists????!!!! ModelRockets321's Video Seems To Show It.

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Mar 27, 2013
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My mind is blown...

I found ModelRockets321's channel on youtube when I was trying to find info on the Hobbylab SR-71, when I spotted the Cineroc's profile on a video labeled "Estes 1976 Model Rocket Catalog- Let's Take A Peek Inside! LOW Rocket Prices!"

All the info I had indicated that the Cineroc and Camroc were discontinued in 1975 and that was the last year it appeared in the catalog that had been preserved on the usual sites... But in ModelRockets321's video (at the 18:06 mark), his 1976 catalog has them on the inside of the back page. This shows that 1976 had three versions of the catalog (the early version w/the Cineroc, a Christmas catalog (scans found on ninfinger's site), and the later version found on both ninfinger's and Estes' sites). The only version preserved on Estes' site must have been printed after the Cineroc was discontinued.

If you have one with the Cineroc/Camroc could you scan that and share it (Edit: scroll down to post 6)? Likewise, if you've got the 1976 Christmas catalog, we could use a scan of it too.

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Slightly off this interesting subject, but let me know what you want to know about the HobbyLab SR-71. I was the designer and part of the HobbyLab team.
I was responding to a FB post by Apogee asking what we'd like to see. I said that I'd love to see an updated SR-71, like the HobbyLab version. Full 3D, however, make it so that it was a little less fragile (I've heard that if it lands hard, it breaks at the forward (narrow)/aft (wide) joint). I was thinking that it could probably be able to be made lighter and stronger with todays materials (namely carbon fiber), and possibly even separate deliberately, at that joint for ease of transportation.
I have a 1976 catalog that has the Camroc and Cineroc on the last two pages (as opposed to the catalog index and the Hanimex scientific calculator on those two pages in the version posted on the Estes site). There are a number of other detail differences — slightly lower prices on most things, and a couple more choices in the tools section. Its cover is No 761 (vs. 762 on the Estes site). I wonder what the best way to scan the whole thing might be (settings-wise).
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This is a first attempt. I got started and was up to 6 MB at page 9, and went back and reset to 24-bit RGB and VueScan's "pdf size reduction" to 2 (which apparently turns a 2x2 pixel block into one pixel). The resultant file is effectively 186 dpi.

See if this works well enough. If not, I can do it again. Nothing like a project to make one learn how to use a piece of software....


  • Estes Catalog 761.pdf
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AWESOME!!! GORGEOUS Scans!!! I can see that you actually put in the work to scan the entire catalog (e.g. the price of the Photon Disruptor went up by a nickel).

Thanks Bernard!!!

You're welcome.

Most of the prices in that #761 catalog are lower than those in the #762 posted on JimZ and the Estes site. Many of them in 762 were rounded up from xx.95 to xx+1 whole dollars as you noticed. But some things had more substantial increases (1407 starter set up a dollar, for example) and even some of the parts were up some.

As for putting in the work....it gave me something useful to do while intentionally running the new battery I installed in my MacBook Pro all the way down, which was a step in calibrating the battery management system to the new battery.
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