4" Jayhawk

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Martin Vrstal

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Aug 3, 2002
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I've been working on this for some time...my secret project. It's basically a 160% upscale of the Estes Pro Series kit.

The boat tail was made from poster board and glassed with 2 wraps of 4oz. The fins all cut out and beveled to shape. The NC is just temporary...I'm waiting for a different one to arrive. I still need more tube for the side conduit and also need to fab the smaller NC. The whole thing will be glassed...I hope..need more epoxy also. It's just pieced together now...I did that today just for a look see.

So here it is...4" dia by about 48" tall.
38mm, and I'm not sure what it will fly on as of right now.

Hell yeah! That's a sweet looking rocket! What is that tube doing on the side of the rocket?
Karl...it's a conduit tube that runs down the length of the main tube.....it's supposed to be there. Maybe someone else can explain further.
Nice looking rocket you got there marty. To bad you don't have any custom Auto paint for that thing. If I could remenber where
to get the decal that says_ custom built by Martin Vrstal_:rolleyes:
Thanks for the nice comments so far guys. This is going to be one slow build for me...1...because I'm broke, 2...because I'm really broke, and 3...because my financial advisor just rolled her eyes when I told her I needed more epoxy...go figure.

Hey Mid.....the custom auto paint would really be sweet...I already have some "custom built" decals...wonder who did those?
I got a little done the last couple days. First...I received my NC from JohnnieRKT in the Mail yesterday. It was a pretty silver. It's now all sanded off. From my Estes model, I figured where to mark this new cone, and made the cuts. Then I cut out the forward canard fin. Today, I put a small bevel on the fins.

Here's the parts.
The Jayhawk is coming all very nice! Keep the pics coming !:cool:

I've cut out the ailerons and sanded a bevel to shape on both the top and bottoms.

Glassed the BT with 2 wraps of 4oz.

As I write this...I'm in the process of glassing the bt60 that runs down the BT.

I also picked up a baby bertha kit today...it gave up it's NC so I could cut it in half and use it for the conduit NC.

Ahhhh...scratch building.....isn't it fun...

Sorry no pics...hopefully soon.

Just a few quick shots of the conduit tube that I've been working on. Once it's all finally sanded, I'll glass it down to the main tube.

Tonight I opened up the fin slots in the BT. Then I got an Idea....
I took 2 #3 woodworking biscuits and cut them in half lengthwise and CA'ed them to each end of the root edge of the fins in hopes of keeping the fins somewhat straight when I do the glue up. I'll have to slot the BT and the tailcone...but I think it should work.

Rear tab...
looking good!

how do you plan to retain the motor?
I'm going to have MIDPWRGUY (Keith Johnson) Turn me a slim line type custom retainer.....right Keith.:D
Cool , looking good , keep it up ! :cool:
Carnt wait to see her finished, the little biscuit idea you came up with looks pretty handy , im gonna' have to try that sometime.
Looking Great.
I have almost sold myself on building one.
The idea with the biscuits is great, should add a little strength as well as alignment.
I've been working off and on for the past month on this rocket. Keith " Midpwrguy" Johnson did in fact make my a really nice motor retainer, and even helped out with the installation of it into the boat tail section.

So here's a few pics to update my build.
After the boat tail was foamed, I added a cr to the top of that then a section of coupler with another cr on top and up a couple of inches the final cr with a u-bolt added. The fin tabe will go in between the top 2 cr's.