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I’m pretty sure it will work…
Jun 14, 2023
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I recently printed a couple of these little gliders for fun and then decided to modify them for use on rockets. Here's the link on thingiverse: One piece printable glider
It's a really easy, surprisingly quick print. I added a piece of cardstock and a launch lug to mount on a rocket. Here's some pictures:
Here it is mounted on my estes amazon:
On the first flight I got the trim wrong and it didn't glide well, but there is almost a certain potential. I have not gotten around to doing a second flight with this fun little glider, so the best info on "how to do it" is this: Print like normal, 100% infill, and once it is off the printer, just bend the tail fins up (as seen in the pic) at an approximate 45 degree angle for roll stabilization. LEAVE THE MAIN WINGS FLAT TRUST ME IT IS MUCH BETTER! Then, mount the cardstock and launch lug on the glider and a little wood dowel on the rocket for the mount. Add weight and trim for best flight. Props to the designer of this glider for making a glider that works AND looks cool!

Hope someone enjoys this or gets something out of it!