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Jan 17, 2009
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all right you die hard rocketeers that are home this weekend..

FLASH SALE from stickershock 23.com

20% off ANYTHING in the reproduction category.

so go to my website stickershock23.com choose reproductions. buy as many or as few as you like.. and use MEMO20 as a coupon code at checkout.

thanks for looking HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!

off end monday night at midnight.. not good with any other offers.

Mark and Marian!

COOL! I just picked up a 4" fiberglass Der Red Max from AMW that needs stickers! Email sent...
It seems there are a number of us who have just bought the AMW version of the Estes MDRM, and it also seems reasonable to leave the fins with their natural black finish. I know from experience that Mark can make most any color adjustments to his MDRM decals. So I'm hoping he'll add a design color variant that works with the black NC & fins, and the red FG airframe. The biggest question I have is should the fin decals be white with red outlines, or red with white outlines...?

More importantly, can we get them with the current 20% off sale price? Mark...? ;)
Hey guys sorry for the delays getting back to you.

First off the sale is on everything in the REPRODUCTIONS category. unfortunately the der red max is a category of its own.. AND has been featured in the last 3 sales I have had. so this time it is NOT included in the sale.

as for a special one for the AMW kit no one has contacted me and requested anything special so I have not made anything specific to the kit.

I dont know what AMW's plan is for the kit... will they keep offering it forever?? is this a one time run?? I dont know for sure.. until I know its an offering that will ALWAYS be available I probably wont make a specific offering for the kit..

the good news is as always I am happy to do Custom orders of about anything..

so if you want something special for the AMW kit easy peasy just shoot me an E-mail tell me what colors you prefer and I'll make you a set that way..

thanks again for looking.. sorry for any delays right now (we are at the hospital waiting on grandchild number 3)

take care and remember NEVER FLY NAKED
hope everyone had a great memorial day. Heres to all those that made it possible for us!

thanks for all that got in on the sale!