100' asteroid coming...

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May 10, 2011
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Theres going to be an asteroid fly by earth! Heres a CNN article

It says that brits, and people in the southern hemisphere, will be able to see it through binoculars. I wish I could see it.... The news article says when it is flying by. I cant wait to see some pictures of it from NASA, and maybe some real descriptions from those lucky TRFers who live in britan.;) (hint hint hint). I wonder what it will look like... Someone who lives down there/over there wherever, make sure you get a good enough look at it to describe it to us people who cant see it!;) :p

NASA says there is no risk of it hitting earth. It is about 100' across, according to NASA.... Lets hope someone with a telescope that can take pics sees it!:cool: :rolleyes: NASA will proabably get a few good pics, as usual.:cool:
Hi Neil
Noing our luck in the uk it will be 100% cloud cover but I will try.
Must go to NASA website for details, see ya later

Right, well the BBC news site says it will pass by the UK around 22:08... I'll be there providing there's no cloud. And BTW Neil, its Britain not Britan ;)

Originally posted by WiK
its Britain
Its not just Britain, its GREAT Britain!
Not Alright Britain, not Ok Britain - Great Britain!
We'd be Amazing Britain if we didn't have Sun readers keeping the average down.

;) LOL :D

Seriously though, ta for the heads up Neil. Clouds permitting I'll keep an eye out. Not holding up much hope, its precipitating down with rain at the moment. :(
Britain, britan, great britan, great britain, they are all easy to misstype!;) :p

Stupid clouds... right on cue... the closest asteroid aproach on record, and its CLOUDY!:kill: :kill: :kill: :kill: :mad: