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  1. S

    Rail Exit Speed, how slow is too slow?

    Hi Folks, I'm simming a collection of mid power rockets of interest, and while OR hasn't given me any warnings yet, how slow is too slow when looking at velocity off the rod? 5 m/s? 6 m/s? etc. Thanks!
  2. V

    Rocketry Design Team - Rail Exit Velocity Help

    Due to quite a few mess ups, my rocketry design team is struggling to meet rail exit velocity requirements for a competition. What are some ideas you guys have to help improve rail exit velocity? We are currently adding fillets to the fins to help reduce drag.
  3. turkkusuroket

    High speed for lounchrod out

    Hi friends. I have a problem. I need speed of 25 m/s for lounchrod but my design speed is 32 m/s. If I increase mass, altitude is falling. How can reduce the lounchrod speed? Thanks friends:(