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  1. Blackleaf99

    Happy Birthday Eugene Stoner (1922 - 1997)

    Eugene Stoner was the respected small arms designer who created a long list of high performance weapon systems. Most notably his AR series of rifles have been adopted, manufactured, modified and used by many nations on planet Earth. Armalite, TRW, Oerlikon are three of the manufacturers who...
  2. Tobor

    Madcow AGM-33 Pike

    The AGM-33 Pike is one kit I've wanted for quite some time. And now, thanks to Papa Elf & my 2019 CIJ Secret Santa, I have one. Just to start things off, here is the OR file, updated with the measured weights for all the parts and a few things that I will be adding to the mix. More to come.
  3. kevindcornwell

    Military Base Launches

    There is a particular Military Base (Bradshaw AAF) that I would like to approach to see about doing either an annual or semi-annual HPR Launch Day(s). The airspace is restricted (of course). I think (that's probably dangerous) that the FAA is not involved since it is an MOA. I need some guidance...
  4. Gary Mac

    Military Surplus 6' Parachute

    Anyone have experience with these parachutes? Unusual shape/design, and it comes with a deployment bag. Seems like a decent deal for $30 and a well built canopy, and "advertised" for a 10 lb weight. Google research from the pn# seems to indicate that they for some kind of 2000lb Vietnam-era...