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  1. Tobor

    Madcow AGM-33 Pike

    The AGM-33 Pike is one kit I've wanted for quite some time. And now, thanks to Papa Elf & my 2019 CIJ Secret Santa, I have one. Just to start things off, here is the OR file, updated with the measured weights for all the parts and a few things that I will be adding to the mix. More to come.
  2. kevindcornwell

    Military Base Launches

    There is a particular Military Base (Bradshaw AAF) that I would like to approach to see about doing either an annual or semi-annual HPR Launch Day(s). The airspace is restricted (of course). I think (that's probably dangerous) that the FAA is not involved since it is an MOA. I need some guidance...
  3. Gary Mac

    Military Surplus 6' Parachute

    Anyone have experience with these parachutes? Unusual shape/design, and it comes with a deployment bag. Seems like a decent deal for $30 and a well built canopy, and "advertised" for a 10 lb weight. Google research from the pn# seems to indicate that they for some kind of 2000lb Vietnam-era...