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  1. Tobor

    2.64" Madcow Bomarc

    This will be a somewhat detailed build thread of my Madcow 2.64" Bomarc, with lots of photos :). I purchased it from Madcow during their 20' Black Friday sale, with the help of a $40 gift certificate I received from my 2019 Secret Santa. TY SS :). Note that I deviated significantly from...
  2. lowga

    Sold Madcow 2.2" Fiberglass Tomach

    For sale, Madcow Rocketry 2.2" Tomach fiberglass rocket kit. Unbuilt, NOS in the original shipping box. This rocket is a screamer, and easy to build. It retails new for $169.95, but I'll sell this one for $125 including shipping to the...
  3. D

    Madcow DX3-XL balcony build

    I've been planning this project for maybe a year now. This phase, just before I start is always the most challenging for me. Once I do start, the flow comes and I get deep into the project. My design has been signed off by my Taps for the L3 build, so here we are getting ready to document it...
  4. EPflyer

    Twitch, cool photo.

    Here is a great shot of my Madcow Twitch. The rocket was launched with an AT I180. The Eggtimer Apogee reported an altitude of 2937 feet. We lost sight of the rocket till the chute release deployed the main at 500 feet. It was a great flight even though I didn't see most of it!
  5. Wally Ferrer

    My Madcow 2.6 Bomarc build thread

    I've been wanting to do a build thread, if for no reason other than to better document my build process. Any feedback for improvements I get will be icing on the cake. I happened to be in Colorado Springs last year on my trip to launch rockets for my niece in Oklahoma who has CP (sorry, not her...
  6. Brian-Tampa

    Super DX3 - Finally Finished!

    Finally finished my latest build, Madcow Super DX3 Fiberglass. 2 months plus project. Set up for single deployment. Height: 69" Width: 12" Weight: 128 oz dry 4" Air Frame Set up for either 54 or 38mm motors, I lengthened the motor tube to handle longer motors. Also added an extra centering ring...
  7. greenrocketfish

    Sold Assorted kits / bundle

    Hello, I have a bunch of kits and some equipment I would like to offer as a bundle. I have tried several times to get involved, but don't have the time. My loss is your gain! I have for sale the items listed below. I would like to sell as a bundle if possible. This is what I have: Mach1...
  8. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2019 TCC October Skies, Helm , CA

    Great time at Tripoli Central California's October Skies Launch. Breezy Friday and Saturday but pleasant warm, sunny, and clear fall weekend at Maddox Dairy. Several rocket and food vendors to fill the day. Nice crowd, no waits, usually TCC excellence in launches. 5 launches for...
  9. Cameron Anderson

    Madcow never disappoints

    I got the 4" Go Devil on the 4th of July sale but wanted a few modifications to the kit. I wrote out what I wanted done when I ordered the kit to see if the request was feasible and was fully prepared to pay for the work and expected the work to delay the delivery. Two weeks later, my kit shows...
  10. Tobor

    Madcow AGM-33 Pike

    The AGM-33 Pike is one kit I've wanted for quite some time. And now, thanks to Papa Elf & my 2019 CIJ Secret Santa, I have one. Just to start things off, here is the OR file, updated with the measured weights for all the parts and a few things that I will be adding to the mix. More to come.
  11. Cameron Anderson

    Simming camera shroud in Rocksim

    I created a fin in Rocksim to be able to sim my Mobius shroud from Additive Aerospace. Weight, dimensions, radial placement, all accurate. I threw the mod on my Madcow Blue Iguana, 2.6" w/54mm motor mount. On an L935, it sims to 17,250' without the shroud. With the shroud, it doesn't even hit...
  12. SierraDrinker

    Help with avionics bay - re-drilling bulkheads

    I need some help and advice. I'm building a Madcow 2.2" fiberglass Frenzy XL as my first dual deploy rocket. My threaded rods in the avionics bay are too narrow and I can't fit a 9v battery between them. I can't mount the battery horizontally (no room), nor vertically on the front (no room with...
  13. Fattbank64

    Found Madcow Fiberglass 2.6" V2

    I'm looking for the above kit. It has been discontinued and would prefer a complete kit.
  14. Cameron Anderson

    Experiences with 2.6" Madcow Blue Iguana?

    I'm looking at picking up this kit for my primary 54mm motor mount flyer...anyone experience with this kit specifically?
  15. VARocketflyer

    Sold Carbon Fiber Mongoose 38 Kit - NIB - Free Shipping

    I have an NIB Carbon Fiber Mongoose 38mm for sale. Can be yours for $199.00 with Free Shipping to Lower 48. Lists for $262.95 on the Madcow site, but currently Out of Stock. PayPal only please. Specs are below: Product Description Kit includes: 38mm Black Fiberglass Filament Wound 5:1 Von...
  16. Gary Mac

    Repairing Fiberglass Nosecone with a Chipped Tip

    Any suggestions for repairing a fiberglass nosecone with a chipped tip? The damage was from some of the smaller kids handling it at a local science show, not a ballistic landing. As you can see from the photos, it's chipped through the fiberglass layer. Some ideas I had were to "build" a tip...
  17. Mustang67

    Rocksim file for Madcow Mongoose Carbon fiber 4" 98MM

    Does anyone have a rocksim file they can share for the Madcow 4" 98MM Carbon fiber Mongoose?