Super DX3 - Finally Finished!

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Nov 10, 2019
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Tampa, Florida
Finally finished my latest build, Madcow Super DX3 Fiberglass. 2 months plus project.
Set up for single deployment.
Height: 69"
Width: 12"
Weight: 128 oz dry
4" Air Frame
Set up for either 54 or 38mm motors, I lengthened the motor tube to handle longer motors.
Also added an extra centering ring on MMT for strength.

2 coats of Rustoleum auto primer sanded 120, 300, 400 grit between coats
2 coats of Rustoleum gloss "Brilliant Blue" 800 grit between coats on airframe
2 coats of Rustoleum "Gloss Black" 800 grit between coats on nose cone
2 coats of Krylon triple thick clear coat

Decals by Stickershock23 (Thanks Mark!)
84" Rocketman chute
Mobius camera
Aeropak 54 mm tailcone retainer with 38mm adapter
Jolly Logic chute release
Jolly Logic Altimeter 3
Findster Pet Tracker

I was going to maiden her this weekend at Tampa Tripoli March 21-22 launch.
However, the launch has been postponed due to the corona virus.

Maybe next month.......
Everyone stay safe and healthy!