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May 2, 2009
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I have an NIB Carbon Fiber Mongoose 38mm for sale. Can be yours for $199.00 with Free Shipping to Lower 48. Lists for $262.95 on the Madcow site, but currently Out of Stock. PayPal only please. Specs are below:

Product Description
Kit includes:

38mm Black Fiberglass Filament Wound 5:1 Von Karman Nosecone / Green Tip
38mm Carbon Fiber Airframe 30"
38mm Carbon Fiber Airframe 16"
38mm Carbon Fiber Switch Band 1"
38mm Carbon Fiber Coupler 7"
2 Aluminum 38mm AV Lids
Nose Cone Bulk Plate and Coupler
3 Carbon Fiber 3/32" Thick Fins
Fin Alignment Guides

This Kit Features
Minimum Diameter Kit (38mm MMT)
Carbon Fiber Filament Wound Construction
Aluminum Nose one Tip
Just over 50 Inches Tall
Built Weight Approximately 1 lb
Dual Deploy Standard
CNC Precision Cut Parts
Flies on anything from an G to any current 38mm Solid Propellant K.
Great for those mach busting flights
All Composite Design

Thanks for looking,