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  1. M

    Level 1 Rocket Plan Advice

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this hobby and this forum. I am looking to build a rocket for my level 1 certification. A little background on me I have an engineering background and I am good with my hands. I have been reading through this forum and google on the characteristics of a good level 1...
  2. Mbuzz49

    What is everyone using for a GPS?

    Hi all!! I am currently looking for a "cheaper" GPS system for my model rockets. I have seen plenty of "cheap" trackers on amazon however, they all require a monthly service fee which I want to stay clear from. The ones that don't have a service fee cost hundreds of dollars.. I am looking for...
  3. Frightening Man

    Horizontal electronics bay

    The usual electronics bay consists of a vertical slab with all kinds of sensors strapped to it. Question is, if I have a large enough ID, could I fit all electronics flat onto the bulkhead in one or maybe two layers? Would this increase the chance of the acceleration mess with the electronics...
  4. E

    What to watch out for? (Rocket Flight Computer)

    Hello, thank you for your time. We are building a rocket for an upcoming rocketry contest. We want to prepare for every possible problem in the avionics department. If you could list some of the problems you can think of down below that would be much appreciated. If possible please leave links...
  5. Blast it Tom!

    New guy getting back in slowly

    Hi all! <waves> Soooo - I was 13 when Niel Armstrong took that historic 1st step. Had all the models, simulated every stage of the flight. 1st rocket - Estes WAC Corporal. Oh, so careful! Dad & I took it out one vary calm night, leveled the launch pad, and off she went! Perfect! Straight...
  6. BSNW

    The Avionics Bay Thread...Post your Photos!

    So, I know there are threads about avionics bay. But in my humble opinion, they don't get much love in regards to build threads and the like. We (me included) all like to see the build threads of the rocket with the beautiful paint job and the spectacular lift off shots. I wish there were more...
  7. Nacho

    Will ejection charge corrode electronics?

    Hi all, I was wondering, how bad is it to expose electronics to the fumes of the ejection charge (this would be for a C motor). Thanks! :)
  8. D

    Control oxygen flow hybrid rocket engine

    Hi all, I built a small hybrid rocket engine and I would like to control the arrival of oxygen in the engine with an arduino card. What do you advise me: a solenoid valve? A valve with a servo motor? If possible, could you specify a model? It's been a while that I'm looking for without finding...

    Wanted Adept SB40 Sonic Beacon

    I would like to buy a Adept SB40 Sonic Beacon new or used. I am also looking for a replacement for my Adept SB20 and SB1 Sonic Beacons if you happen to have them. Thank you! “_is people”
  10. H

    Stratologger CF

    Hi, I am new to model rocketry and have purchased the Stratologger CF. It lists in the manual that for example you can deploy at 700 feet. But is that at 700 feet after apogee? Or is it 700 feet from the ground?
  11. E

    Interested in cheap GPS trackers?

    Hello! I am new to this forum but not new at rocketry. I searched around the site but just could not find something like this. Pardon me if I might have missed it or if its the wrong place to post this. After investigating the different methods of tracking for my level 2 rocket, I came to the...
  12. jrkennedy2

    Booster stage with electronic deployment

    Has anyone retro-fitted a booster kit to use electronic deployment? I had a LOC Terrier booster that relied on motor ejection. I had to make the ejection delay quite short (6 sec.) on a CTI I-345 White Thunder. Well, it delayed more like 3 seconds and performed a rather spectacular yard-sale...
  13. M

    Need advice on what to get/how to put together an electronics bay

    I want to go to the next step and add electronics to my rocket. I don't know where to begin is there any good step by step tutorials that could walk me through the process. Thanks in advance
  14. JDcluster

    Adept out of the altimeter deployment business?

    I went to their web site and it seems they moved their focus to location devices. It does not mention any altimeters with deployment options..... For those who don't know; Adept was one the first to offer altimeters with altitude controlled deployment.
  15. K

    Help Plz. Arduino to calc rate of descent.

    I have a Nano, a Neo-6 GPS, an SD card, and BME-280. I'm wanting to measure rate of descent of different parachute designs I'm working on. What would be the calculations of the data gathered by the BME-080 (for altitude changes). Could I use the GPS for the rtc to timestamp each data...