1. Velocity Aerospace

    Genesis II scratch build

    So I attempted my L1 cert flight back in January, but it didn't go that well. Here's a link to my flight report thread if you're interested: https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/tis-but-a-scratch.177191/ . But I am back in the saddle with my next rocket, the little brother to Genesis, Genesis...
  2. dragon0819

    Eggtimer LCD Receiver not working

    Hello, this is the first time I'm posting on this forum and the reason is, our Eggtimer LCD Receiver is not working. It does not even turn on though we connect it to the battery, or press the button 5 times per sec. Below are the images of the receiver components. It would be grateful if you...
  3. Velocity Aerospace

    teleGPS question...

    So I am rebuilding my Genesis rocket to re-attempt my L.1 cert. I want to try to add a tracker to start getting familiar with the tech. I saw that the transmitter was 6.5 inches by itself, but one of the changes I'm making to the design is going with a 6 inch coupler instead of a 9 inch. I know...
  4. L

    Issues with RRC2+ & Easy Mini

    My school team is launching our rocket this weekend and due to our negligence, we failed to pay attention to electronic configurations until today. Our original plan was to use the RRC2+ as our primary flight computer, EasyMini as backup flight computer, and Eggfinder TX mini as the GPS...
  5. nasheed-x

    Raven4 Interface Greyed Out?

    Hi there, I've linked up my Raven 4 to the computer and instead of letting me configure, the interface remains greyed out. I also happen to get an error when trying to quit the program. This is very unusual so any help would be appreciated.
  6. J

    Radio Questions for Telemetry Transmission

    Hello! I am in my university's Rocket Club and am trying to design our telemetry transmission system for our Avionics Team. We are building our own hybrid-engine rocket, and our first launch is expected to reach an apogee of approximately 500 meters. We want to send data from sensors...
  7. Sparrowhawk

    Question about sensor filtering

    Hi! I'm in the process of programming a flight computer that I developed from the ground-up, and I was curious if people had insight into the best ways to solve for rocket position and orientation. I've seen a lot of information on Kalman filtering, but as far as I can tell those algorithms...
  8. garlicsnapper

    Rocketry Payload Ideas

    I recently purchased and am starting to build a Public Missiles SWR-300 rocket kit. It is a 2.6 diameter rocket that boasts a generous 14.75” internal payload bay. I’m planning to use a Jolly Logic Chute Release for recovery which means I will not be employing any dual-deployment electronics...
  9. J

    About 915 mhz rf 500MW module

    Hi, guys anyone has used 915 mhz rf 500MW module?? I would like to know is it compatible with ESP32 modules and can the module transmit video for a rocket with apogee of 1 Km.
  10. M

    Model Rocket Survey

    Hi guys, I am a highschool senior in an engineering program. We are in need of some information for our capstone project about model rocket electronics. If you could please fill out this survey we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! https://forms.gle/a3S1z6ALR1jHPwYc7
  11. garlicsnapper

    Sold Rocketry Electronics

    I’m not leaving the rocketry community! Not even close! But I’m looking to thin out my collection of rocket kits and electronics that I’ll never get around to using. Check out what’s available! Here is a listing of what’s available. Prices in USD plus shipping to your destination of choice...
  12. C

    Temperature relation to electronics

    Does anyone have any experience with the effects of temperature on components in an electronics bay during a flight to say, 25,000 feet? The temperature at higher altitudes becomes low at 25000 feet, and I would like to know if there are any ways I can find out how components such as an...
  13. garlicsnapper

    Sold Estes PSII/Estes Star Wars Rocketry Kits & Electronics

    I’m not leaving the rocketry community! Not even close! But I’m looking to thin out my collection of rocket kits and electronics that I’ll never get around to using. Check out what’s available! Here is a listing of what’s available. Prices in USD plus shipping to your destination of choice...
  14. M

    Level 1 Rocket Plan Advice

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this hobby and this forum. I am looking to build a rocket for my level 1 certification. A little background on me I have an engineering background and I am good with my hands. I have been reading through this forum and google on the characteristics of a good level 1...
  15. Mbuzz49

    What is everyone using for a GPS?

    Hi all!! I am currently looking for a "cheaper" GPS system for my model rockets. I have seen plenty of "cheap" trackers on amazon however, they all require a monthly service fee which I want to stay clear from. The ones that don't have a service fee cost hundreds of dollars.. I am looking for...
  16. Frightening Man

    Horizontal electronics bay

    The usual electronics bay consists of a vertical slab with all kinds of sensors strapped to it. Question is, if I have a large enough ID, could I fit all electronics flat onto the bulkhead in one or maybe two layers? Would this increase the chance of the acceleration mess with the electronics...
  17. E

    What to watch out for? (Rocket Flight Computer)

    Hello, thank you for your time. We are building a rocket for an upcoming rocketry contest. We want to prepare for every possible problem in the avionics department. If you could list some of the problems you can think of down below that would be much appreciated. If possible please leave links...
  18. Blast it Tom!

    New guy getting back in slowly

    Hi all! <waves> Soooo - I was 13 when Niel Armstrong took that historic 1st step. Had all the models, simulated every stage of the flight. 1st rocket - Estes WAC Corporal. Oh, so careful! Dad & I took it out one vary calm night, leveled the launch pad, and off she went! Perfect! Straight...
  19. BSNW

    The Avionics Bay Thread...Post your Photos!

    So, I know there are threads about avionics bay. But in my humble opinion, they don't get much love in regards to build threads and the like. We (me included) all like to see the build threads of the rocket with the beautiful paint job and the spectacular lift off shots. I wish there were more...
  20. Nacho

    Will ejection charge corrode electronics?

    Hi all, I was wondering, how bad is it to expose electronics to the fumes of the ejection charge (this would be for a C motor). Thanks! :)