1. R

    Carbon Hyperloc 835 Build

    Hi All, After building more Estes rockets than I can count, I decided to build my first HPR. For Christmas I purchased a Hyperloc 835 kit that I will hopefully be able to get my L1 cert (maybe L2?) with. To make things interesting I decided to sheath the body in a light carbon fiber sleeve sold...
  2. BigDeal4

    Estes Patriot Build Video

    Here is the latest video, A rocket Build. If you like it please give it a like and subscribe! Any Feedback would be great, what do you like about build video's?
  3. D

    Madcow DX3-XL balcony build

    I've been planning this project for maybe a year now. This phase, just before I start is always the most challenging for me. Once I do start, the flow comes and I get deep into the project. My design has been signed off by my Taps for the L3 build, so here we are getting ready to document it...
  4. Alan R

    Multi-Roc 36 hour build

    Get an email from my friend on Tuesday afternoon saying "hey... the weekend looks good, lets go launch Saturday." Our field isn't huge, but plenty big enough for a D-motor. I start digging around my stuff. Still packed in the box after the last launch. I shoot an email back, "sounds good. I've...
  5. neil_w

    Build thread: Plasma Dart

    This rocket was first cooked up about three years ago and started me on my plasma-core kick. It has seen remarkably little design modification since the first unveiling (only the canard-like appendages on the strakes have been added.) The paint scheme, however, has been churned endlessly, and...
  6. mtnmanak

    Sirius Refit USS Atlantis Build

    Hi everyone, starting a new build thread for a Sirius Rocketry Refit U.S.S. Atlantis. Love the Sirius rockets and this one was no exception. I couldn’t find much out there on this rocket. The info on Sirius’ site is not robust and there are only a couple build threads I could find and one of...
  7. neil_w

    Build thread: Blackfish

    Normally I prefer to properly finish one build thread before starting another, but at this point the Skywriter is just sitting around waiting for paint, so it's time. I will be building this (~30", 24mm powered, BT60): Thanks to @BABAR for the name. John Boren once remarked that coming up...
  8. neil_w

    Plasma Dart II Build Thread

    I've been holding off starting this one, but now seems to be the time. Let's kick it off with this, which was a jolly good bit of fun to make:
  9. Curtis Enlow

    My LOC IV Build Thread

    I always enjoy reading build threads and always learn a lot, so I thought I might share my IV build journey here. This is my first rocket in some time, since my step-son & I built and flew rockets (and I won't tell you how old he is now, but 'D' engines were monsters then), but I have kept my...
  10. PeterP

    LOC 4" Black Brant X L1 Cert Build

    Hey all, this will be my first post on TRF! I decided I wanted to go for my HPR certifications after building rockets with my school’s rocketry program this past semester. So, I bought myself a LOC 4” Black Brant X to certify L1 and L2 with. I figured going with the biggest kit I could find...
  11. mbeels

    Build Thread: Pemberton Technologies King Kraken for Level 1 Cert

    After considering many options for my Level 1 rocket (Zephyr? Super DX3?) I chose the King Kraken. Besides being a really great looking rocket, I liked the tube fins and it could fly on Gs at non-HP fields. But mostly it is a great looking rocket. My plan is to do my Level 1 flight at Red...
  12. Luzwingnut


    First week as a TRF member... wanted to jump-in and OFFER a basic technique in the art of covering BALSA rocket fins. Gotta start somewhere, right? I didn't want to just TROLL the forums and NOT actively participate in them. So? Let's get started...
  13. BayouRat

    How I Build An All Fiberglass Rocket (A Video Tutorial)

    I'm often asked how to build these fiberglass rocket kits that come with just the fiberglass parts and no instructions. So I decided to do a video tutorial on how I build them. This kit is a 3" Bomb Pop purchased from Chris' Rocket Supply. This rocket build is suitable for an advanced Level 1 or...
  14. N

    Odd Looking Nose Cone

    I just bought a pack of nose cones and one of them looks odd to me. I've attached a picture. Can anyone tell me what the mass at the back is? It's behind the eyehole for attaching chute and shock cord, so it seems it would just get in the way of those and serve no purpose. I saw someone on...
  15. neil_w

    Alcubierre Build Thread

    OK, let's get it started. I shall be building this guy: Here is the obligatory Wikipedia link: Credit to @dhbarr for originally suggesting the name. This build is considerably simpler than my last one, and I expect this build thread to be...
  16. O

    Return to rocketry: Binder Design Jaguar Questions

    Hi everyone, I'll quickly introduce myself. I like many others flew rockets when I was younger and stopped around 20 years ago, but had gotten up to RMS G engines and had built a 7 x 29 mm cluster (Thor maybe?) that I was planning on getting my certification with. Fast forward - this summer I...
  17. F

    High Power Rockets

    Hello, I am looking for a professional that can help me with some guidance, tips and tutorials while I start my first high power rocket build. I am willing to pay per hour or lessons (or whatever you prefer). If you are interested, please message me or email me. Thanks. **If this is not...
  18. W

    Hermes: Custom 38mm MD Build

    Welcome to my ambitious build! A little backstory: My name is Caden, I'm 18 years old and this is my first year in HPR. I've recently completed my level 2 certification and ever since I've been anxious to move onto something bigger and better (I know I'm another hot shot young guy). Below are...
  19. neil_w

    Build thread: Sport-scale IRIS-T missile, 1:3.8-ish

    How did I get here? It's all Nytrunner's fault. And maybe Steven's, a little. I'm not normally a scale modeler. Although I admire a lot of the typical scale modeling subjects, I've never had the slightest interest in building any of them. Then Nytrunner mentioned his interest in this missile...
  20. neil_w

    Accur8 Indigo Ragnarok Orbital Interceptor Build Thread

    Greetings. This is a build of the Accur8 (aka John Pursley) Indigo Ragnarok Orbital Interceptor. John calls it a "short kit" which basically means it's a kitbash, in this case of the Estes Cosmic Interceptor. Here is what the finished model is supposed to look like: I say "supposed to"...