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  1. BSNW

    Avionics Bay/Sled Build Thread?......Sure!

    Hello All- I was beginning a new build of an electronics bay for a custom Mac-Performance kit I got with a little Christmas spending money. When I got about 20% into, it I had the idea of doing a build thread. I don't ever remember seeing build thread for an avionics bay. Often people (me...
  2. kbRocket

    Three Electronics Bays

    I have spent some time evolving thoughts and designs for electronics bays. What I desire in an electronics bay is: RF transparent because I want to put telemetry broadcasting electronics inside the bay. This means no threaded rods the length of the bay that block RF. Maximum space for...
  3. snrkl

    3D Printing CAD files for Eggfinder Mini, EggTimer Quantum and RRC3

    Team - long time to chat.. life gets in the way, yadda yadda... I finally bit, and bought myself a 3d printer, so I am working on lots of CAD fun with Fusion 360.. I am looking to make some sleds for my Eggfinder Minis, Eggtimer Quantum's and RRC3.. Here's the ask: does anyone have decent 3d...
  4. BSNW

    The Avionics Bay Thread...Post your Photos!

    So, I know there are threads about avionics bay. But in my humble opinion, they don't get much love in regards to build threads and the like. We (me included) all like to see the build threads of the rocket with the beautiful paint job and the spectacular lift off shots. I wish there were more...
  5. SierraDrinker

    Help with avionics bay - re-drilling bulkheads

    I need some help and advice. I'm building a Madcow 2.2" fiberglass Frenzy XL as my first dual deploy rocket. My threaded rods in the avionics bay are too narrow and I can't fit a 9v battery between them. I can't mount the battery horizontally (no room), nor vertically on the front (no room with...
  6. H

    Stratologger CF

    Hi, I am new to model rocketry and have purchased the Stratologger CF. It lists in the manual that for example you can deploy at 700 feet. But is that at 700 feet after apogee? Or is it 700 feet from the ground?
  7. Bill Hanson

    3D Printing X-sled for 3" and 4" rockets

    Inspired by https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/av-sled-first-printing-project-feedback-appreciated.151171/, I thought I would make a "plain" X-shaped avionics sled. No customization here, just a blank canvas for all your electronics and batteries. Sized for both 3" and 4" bays. These...
  8. SaturnV_

    4" Darkstar questions

    Hey, So after losing my 2.1" Darkstar, I'm gonna start building the 4" Darkstar. I have a few questions regarding it that I hope you guys could help me with. What diameter parachute should I go with? I would do a sim first, but I'd rather buy everything at once to pay for shipping once. What...
  9. K'Tesh

    Nosecone AV Bays... Pros & Cons

    I'm building three 4" diameter Binder Design kits, including an Excel Dual Deploy... However, I'm looking to build it with a baffle located at the normal AV bay location, and I want a redundancy for the ejection charge. This poses a problem... If the baffle occupies the space that the AV bay...