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If you click on that link, you're likely to be eaten by a grue...
want some rye? course ya do!!!

i have all of them if ya interested email me
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Thanks for the link! These were the best computer games ever. Unfortunately, the younger crowd will never understand what was so great about them.
Reminded of a local radio station gimmick of an interdimensional being who travelled about the broadcast area giving out cash and prizes. His name was Zork and here appeared only briefly in 1976-77. He wore a silvery zentai-style costume and resembled a Martian from the Ray Bradbury mini-series.
Man, I tried Zork I, but when you get to the cave, it dawned on me about how it says "Months of fun!"
That's nice of them to give them away. Gametap also has them, along with the other Infocom games, but at $4.95 a month.

Zork Zero
Zork I
Zork II
Zork III
Infocom always had great story lines!

The boxes were a real treat, with the extra goodies you'd find inside. I probably still have a few of them down in the basement.