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Jan 17, 2009
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Milwaukee, WI
I've finally started adding plans to the Ye Olde Rocket Plans site again after a two-month delay. I still have many more to add, but this will at least get you guys started. ;) I've also updated the Estes Kit List and the Estes Starter Kit List on Ye Olde Rocket Shoppe.

AM Gliders Article 07-08/63 from Sean Lannan 07-29-04
Interceptor #K-50 Fin Marking Guide from Mack Yocum 07-29-04
Centuri Logos Decal from Charles D. Barker 07-29-04
Centuri Missiles Decal from Charles D. Barker 07-29-04
Enerjet Decal from Charles D. Barker 07-29-04
Added new manufacturer Seattle Rocket Works 07-29-04
Seattle Rocket Works MIRV Gryphon from Don Fent 07-29-04
Seattle Rocket Works Nike-Smoke from Don Fent 07-29-04
American Modeler MMI Article 05/58 07-29-04 (Updated)
Estes Mega Sizz' #1998 from Don Fent 07-29-04
Estes A.L.C.M. Cruise Missile #1336 from Don Fent 07-29-04
Estes Zoom Broom #0853 from Fred Talasco 07-29-04
Estes Mercury Atlas #2111 from Don Fent 07-29-04
Estes Gemini Titan #1978 from Steve Piette 07-29-04
Estes Scrambler #2072 from Steve Piette 07-29-04

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I just added the Centuri KM-4 Nova from Larry Rice and updated MRC LS-100 IronMan plans which now include full templates and decals.