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Jan 17, 2009
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Milwaukee, WI
I wanted to let everyone know that Ye Olde Rocket Auction is now fully operational again. It did not work properly for a number of years. I was about to take it offline altogether but decided to look deeper into the issue today. I found the problem was a lock file that gets created whenever maintenance runs to update the site did not get deleted years ago. Whenever the maintenance routine tried running it thought another instance was already running so would error out. This prevented the system from cleaning up old/ended auctions. I deleted the lock file and everything is working perfectly again.

If you're looking to sell anything to the rocketry community and don't want to pay eBay fees, Ye Olde Rocket Auction is there for you. You can also sell motors there without fear of the motor nazis getting your auction pulled like they do on eBay all the time. ;)

While YORA does not get the viewers that eBay would, you can create traffic for your items by posting here in the Yard Sale section and on other rocketry sites like YORF and rocketry mailing lists letting people know about items you've recently posted on YORA.

You can sell auction style and fixed price style on YORA. Give it a try, it's FREE!
Won't let me register. It doesn't like my email address. It's good enough everywhere else.

...oh, well....
What do you mean it doesn't like the address? Tell me the exact error you get when you try to enter it.
•The administrator has banned your email address. To contact the administrator click here

It looks like you are registering at Ye Olde Rocket Forum instead of Ye Olde Rocket Auction. Two different urls. The forum does ban many "free" email accounts, gmail, yahoo, hotmail, live, etc, due to spammers. When you choose to register on the forum there is a paragraph that comes up that says something like PLEASE READ THIS. In there it explains how to register on YORF with a free email domain. For yourself, you'd enter the email address as [email protected]. After you register I'll go in and fix your email address and approve the registration. There is no email banning going on at the auction site registration. We'd like to see you on both sites.

The URL for the forum is:

The URL for the auction site is: