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Wildman Darkstar 3"

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Apr 17, 2017
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Unassembled and undamaged Wildman Rocketry 3" Darkstar, (red fiberglass body, black fiberglass nosecone and black fins) brand new. Was going to get certification with it until I realized I was poor and can't afford big rocket motors. Asking generously for 100 dollars. (PM me if interested, you must pay for shipping yourself, and I'll arrange that.)
Packing list:

  • 3" x 44” fiberglass slotted booster
  • 3" x 22” fiberglass payload
  • 3" x 8" Black Carbonite fiberglass coupler
  • 6 1/8” G10 fiberglass fins
  • 54mm fiberglass motor mount
  • 2 3" G10 airframe bulk plates
  • 3 3" G10 coupler bulk plates
  • Centering rings
  • Extra bubble wrap, for popping purposes.
  • Personal thank you note - for helping fund a bit of my ski bum Chamonix trip, (I'm poor.)

Thank you for reading. :)
Anyone who doesn't snatch up this deal RIGHT NOW is a fool.
Once you have one in your fleet, you will wonder how you ever lived without.....one of the sweetest rockets out there, and a VERY good deal here.

SBB.....I know exactly where you are standing (ie: not being able to afford to fly this)....good on ya for making it possible for someone else.

Thank you, I've already received plenty of interest so it will most likely be sold by tomorrow.

You're spot on stealth6 :)
Thank you, it's now sold. (However I would appreciate any charitable donations, I am in a bit of a financial crapshoot right now so every penny counts.)

PM me for a pay-pal address if you're ever not in need of a dollar. :) Or a few hundred dollars. Or a few thousand. I cant even afford health insurance which I don't use or a permanent residence application for Canada, (I'm too old to even be eligible.)

If anyone would like to accompany me to Chamonix in January to help cut the costs up please let me know.
Black Saturday sale not far around the corner and that one is always on sale!

Maybe at that time I will have to pick up it's bigger brother, and go for level 3... just don't tell my wife...