Who's da man ??...Sandman is..dats who !!

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Feb 22, 2003
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I had been pondering which company to contact in regards to having a custom nose cone created for TRFProject 001 : Aeronautica Orion 2, and after a conversation a month or so ago with Sandman in the chat room, I decided to email him with the dimensions and see if he would take on this task.

Needless to say, he was very happy to do it, and the total cost was just $12.00 bucks. I sent the MO out a week ago Friday, and just today I recieved a very special delivery from our very own Sandman.

Talk about stunned, in awe, and crapping my pants all at once, its a thing of beauty. Included is a link to my updated website, which has a new page with images of this nose cone, and the finished/yet to be painted/decaled rocket.


Click on the 2nd Orion 2 image for the dedicated page to Sandman's work.


Thank you so much for the quality work, and for making this rocket come to life. An absolute masterpiece and the turn around time is amazing.

You've got a customer for life, and I'll recommend you to anyone.

With kind regards,

R.S. Barker
I shall soon be finding out for myself...about Sandman's work [...and not about Silverleaf's pants].