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Feb 22, 2003
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Once again I find myself wanting to talk about a few different subjects, so instead of taking up 5 or 6 threads, I thought I'd do general ramblings...redux.

1) After all of my time spent searching for quality images, coming across that page online that mentioned the possibility of a Nike-Sandhawk fusion was the best thing that has happened to me.

After discussing it with Peter Alway, I emailed Sandia Corporation as many of you know, and recieved information that proves the Nike-Sandhawk was proposed, but never flew.

Well fellow reader, just yesterday I recieved a fantastic email from the same contact at Sandia, with 4 new images of the Sandia family.

In addition, I've been put in touch with another contact whom is in charge of the Sandia Historical Archives. More on that as I get more information. 8).

Honestly, excluding Sandman's Little Joe and Drew Tomko's Energia-Buran, I've not been this excited about scale rocketry in a long time.

So I've spent the last day creating a new website for Scale Rocketry, my projects and featuring these images.

The addy is:

If you have any comments, suggestions or data, please let me know. 8)

2) Is it just me or were you not surprised that BATF won their litigation against HPR ?

The reality that we face in this "new world" is that there is always someone trying to spoil the good times and enjoyment that a group of people have with their hobby.

Sure, this isn't the same old world we live in where you could stand on the street corner with your buddies, drink a beer and whistle at the ladies...but why is it that everytime a hobby evolves, those that enjoy it get the short end of the stick, because of a government body.

Don't get me wrong, I bleed red, white and blue but sometimes I'd like to slap the living crap out of people and make them realize the simple pleasures of life.

3) I'm betting that Dentists get a perverse thrill out of causing you pain as they pull a tooth. I recently ( Tuesday ) had oral surgery which meant that a tooth had to be split and then pulled out. After 40 minutes of messing in my mouth - drilling some 20 odd times, with the constant " Open Wider please " (and my silent reply of " I'm NOT an Andaconda ! ") echoing from the doc, he said, and I quote" We need to take a break, this root is really gonna be hard to get out.

Translation : I'm sorry Scott * Snicker*, your gonna hate me *muahahaha* !

Then after another hour, the root finally gave way. At this juncture, I should say that as he pulled it, I felt the darn pressure and pain down in my neck. Afterwards, he measured the root and proclaimed it to be 2 and 3/4 inches long !

As of this writing, I still can't eat, based soley on the amount of pain that I'm experiencing and the very strong antibiotics that I'm on.

Hmmm...Maybe I should have been a dentist *Quack, Quack*

4) What is up with emails of late ?

I've been getting emails that are literally 2 years old showing up at the bottom of my listing. Which means I need to scroll down through 5 pages of saved emails just to find the culprit.

Note to email software companies:

Add a simple line to your coding that forces ANY new email that arrives in your box to automatically be shown as latest recieved - do not list them by date..*slaps forehead*

5) I'm working on the Aeronautica Argentina Orion 2 at the moment, but I still need a better camera to take images for the TRFProject tutorial. I still need to get a nosecone made, but John over at Thrust-Aero is sending me a D engine block and centering rings to help out with this project. Thanks John !

More to come on this project later.

Sorry for the long post.

2) Is it just me or were you not surprised that BATF won their litigation against HPR ?

After reading gobs of the whole litigation scripts and with still more of it to go, I have made a few conclusions.

1.) Having the judge relay on the defendent (BATF) for expertise is alot like the judge turning to OJ and asking if in fact the knife in question could do the trick. Not bringing in AP experts in the pyrotech or propulsion world only seals what I have believed all along. The judges and other political officials are too scared to take a stand on something that they don't care to know about. After all, what will one less rocketeer mean to society anyway? By not completely exploring the issue, they take the easy way out and "JUST SAY NO". Judges are no diff.

2.) Everytime something catastrophic happens in this society of ours, we the people are over reactive. For instance. Someone dies of a lung infection or complications thereof and the EPA wants to spend a million dollars (I think it's actually more) on a study that will look at the effects of french fry vapors on human physiology! French Fries?:kill: