Where to buy 808 camera that works.

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Jan 1, 2013
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Just got one that I bought on Ebay and it wont turn on. Where are you guys ordering ones that work that can make it here by Christmas?
When I hold the power button to turn it on, the led comes on but then turns off. Ill look at the link though, thanks.
Bayourat. Posts on here as bayourat, sometimes. His site has demo videos using the cameras he sells. Guaranteed to work.

I fly with him in Winnsboro, good guy. The dude goes everywhere to fly.
Buymobius.com sells the real deal. Thinkrc.com does as well. I will also be selling them when I open my new company in a January. I will also be selling a new shroud product.
I got tired of screwing with them. Switched to Mobius. But to answer your question, the one I got that worked was from MicroCenter.
I got this one recently, seems pretty good. Really good communication from the seller. Haven't used it enough for a comprehensive review, though. I wouldn't use it at a launch where there was going to be some pad wait time, I was attempting to follow the seller instructions for battery conditioning by leaving it on to drain the battery, and it seemed to auto-off after about five minutes or so. But that only seemed to happen if nothing was changing in the field of view.
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Plus one on the new company.

Taping an 808 to the side of a rocket doesn't destabilize it?
Plus one on the new company.

Taping an 808 to the side of a rocket doesn't destabilize it?

Depends on the size if the rocket. Smallest rocket that I flew successfully with an 808 camera was an Estes Cosmic Explorer which is about 2 feet tall.
Have you started your new company yet?

I have been working hard to get everything in place to launch this company. I was definitely a bit optimistic in my estimates of how long the process would take. I have spent the last two months building and customizing an ecommerce site, building and testing prototypes, making production molds and fixtures, arranging deals with many vendors, and working out pricing and logistics. Your post is extremely timely as I am hoping to launch the site today. I will have the shrouds available in 54mm, 3", and 4" for the 808 camera, and 3" & 4" for the Mobius ActionCam. I will be taking pre-orders for shipment in March to help me gauge the quantity and mix of product to produce in the first run. Everyone who pre-orders by March 1st will get a discount on there order.