"What's that light mean that says "you've been illuminated"?"

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That's awesome. I need to get some of those when I drive up to LDRS next year!
Originally posted by jflis
I came across this from rmr. This is hillarious! LOL

Watch out that your next radar speed trap doesn't have a laser pointer at your rear bumper... LOL


heh. "Create your own caption". OK.

Tired of jerks turning right out of the left lane and cutting you off?
Sick of cell phone blabbing twits taking up two lanes and driving obliviously?

You need the Hood Launched Idiot Seeking Missile, brought to you by the folks at Southrup-Drummin.

Because defense is for the Defense Department,
[cue launch]
but you need more.
[cue explosion]
Let's put the RUSH back into rush hour.