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Sep 21, 2009
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I was reading through the paper and a little writes writes, The county Sheriff reported to a incident where a man was badly burnt, this is how he got burnt, he was carrying boxes of pyrodex, and he had a cigarette in his mouth, and before he knew it, the pyrodex ignited, casung severe burns to his face arms, neck. He is now in the burn unit, under going treatment. ouch
Hey, I was just wondering. What are other uses for Pyrodex besides ignitors? Or does Pyrodex differ from Pyrogen?
Pyrodex shares some limited success as a Black Powder replacement for electronic dual deployment in rockets right after the whole ATF thing. It originated as a propellant for Black Powder rifles or muzzle loaders if you will.

It burns a little slower than BP, all though you can't tell that to the idiot with that nasty smoking habit...
Pyrodex is a brand name, pyrogen is something that burns. Good thing he wasn't carrying BP...
Along the same line, ever notice all the cigarette butts on the ground in front of the pumps at a gas station. I saw a woman get out of the car and start pumping gas with a lit cigarette in her mouth, as I pulled away from the pump I looked in her car and saw grandmother in the passenger seat wearing a O2 mask...Lets see, smoking while pumping gas, but getting out of an oxigen rich enviroment to do so....loojack:kill:
I'm seriously considering making up a sign:

Warning - live rocket fuel.
Smokers may be ejected at high velocity.